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Solar LED Garden Lights - Flying Friends Collection

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Six fun friends to choose from. Add wonder and fantasy to your garden space. these beautiful, colorful ornamental sculptures will add happiness and enjoyment to your outdoor space.

The Pretty Peacock


Known for their fantastic whimsical tail feathers, peacocks dazzle their potential mate with a fascinating display of color in the form of their tail feathers. Now you can be dazzled by the dynamic colors during the day and fun lights at night with your very own Pretty Peacock. Start your collection with one of these garden lights today.


Lucky Ladybug on a Flower


Ladybugs are one of the gardeners best friends because of their beautiful polka dot covered colored wings, but especially because of their help with removing plant-eating insects such as aphids and other unwanted garden pests. Ladybugs are also considered a sign of good luck! Add this protector to your outdoor area and start getting some good luck going your way!


The Humble Hummingbird


Every gardener wishes to be visited by the graceful hum of the hummingbird. These tiny, agile flyers are known for their speedy wings, about 70 wing beats per second! Now is your chance to bring one of these beautiful specimens into your garden to enjoy their spender at any time of day, or night!


The Beautiful Butterfly


Butterflies come in all different colors and patterns. The way they seem to glide through the air without a care in the world is something we can all aspire to. At least we can all enjoy the amazing colors and grace they provide in our garden. Now you can grace your outdoor space with all the beauty these wonderful flyers provide year-round, day or night, with this solar powered LED garden light. Start your collection today!


The Bright Blue Heron


Found in wetlands throughout North and Central America, these wading birds spend their time patrolling the coastlines, looking to pounce on their next unsuspecting meal. Add this majestic bird to your outdoor space for a bright burst of color during the day and enjoy the light display at night as the bird lights up to show off his gorgeous blue feathers. Start your collection today!


The Happy Hanging Ladybug


We already know about the good luck and extra help these wonderful little buggies provide to the garden. Now you can add this fun friend to your outdoor space and let her hang happy! Start your collection today.