About Us

What does the garden mean to you? For us, the garden is a place we can connect with the ones we love, while experiencing nature in its purest form. We can spend our time pruning shrubs and trees or sowing our favorite vegetables and flower seeds with family and friends. We feel a sense of accomplishment that we've helped our plants flourish. But really, it's our garden that's helping us flourish!

After a long fulfilling day of work in the garden, it's time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Whether on a hammock or our favorite garden chair, for us, it's all about being outside. We take in the aromas of the roses and peonies, we see the beautiful foliage of the palms and hostas, we admire the varying hues of the wildflowers sown from seed earlier in the year. We taste the fresh sweetness of basil and the spicy tingle of oregano from our raised garden bed. We know that this is the way life is meant to be enjoyed.

We love gardening and we love the outdoors.That's why we provide you with the best products for your garden and outdoor living, so you can enjoy the garden as much as we do!